Interview – Byron Laude Of Weekend Nachos

 So with Weekend Nachos final two shows coming up how does the band feel knowing the end is soon to come? Is it a sad bittersweet moment or are you guys ending it on a high note?

WxN: Byron here–I normally don’t do the interviews, but this is my last chance, so here we go!

There’s some relief–we’ve been practicing more than ever to ensure that these last two sets are a worthy capstone for this band.

For me, it IS a bit bittersweet, but we made a plan for how we would wind down this band in the summer of 2015, and have largely stuck with said plan.

These final shows will be a cathartic experience for each of us, and also incredibly joyful. We’ll be playing for friends from all over the US and even the world. My house is going to look like an international youth hostel later this week with friends who are coming to celebrate with us.

Much like the This Mortal Coil record–it’ll end in tears (and stagedives).

Does Weekend Nachos end mean that we will see a more full time routine for other bands members have been in such as Spine, Belonger, and even Cyborg?

WxN: None of of our respective projects will be full time, but with WxN out of the way you can bet you’ll be seeing more of the other projects we’re involved with.

John has Ledge and Spine, and will probably still do his label, Bad Teeth Recordings. Spine is probably writing another LP. Ledge has a split with Disrotted coming out soon, too.

Andy and Drew are both in Like Rats who are working on another record for Southern Lord.

Drew is working on writing a Hate Force LP.

Andy will do some more Belonger gigs and eventually get some more recorded material out there.

I’ve got a project called Concerned Parents that is a bit nebulous at this point. I’m doing that whole hardcore-dude-gets-into-analog-synths thing, and have spent a lot of time, alone, making weird sounds.

Cyborg is dead. Cherish the memories.

With Nachos having toured all across the US in their career and even doing shows in Netherlands, Iceland (for the first and last time), and across Europe are there any places you wish the band could have played? Or even go as far as places you wish you could have replayed before the band ended?

WxN : We were fortunate enough to play everywhere we wanted to one last time in 2016. Making it back to Japan for the second time was my personal highlight. I would have loved to go to South America, but it never happened due to time constraints and money issues.

Other places that we were invited but could never get to that would have been a lot of fun:

Zagreb, Croatia

Tel Aviv, Israel

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The two final shows being in Chicago at SubT means that fans are getting an intimate no barrier show ensuring that chaos will erupt. With different openers including Sex Prisoner / Sick Fix / Home Alone / Mellow Harsher on Night 1 and Harm’s Way / Homewrecker / Mal Intent on Night 2 fans are given a wide range of hardcore and powerviolence to listen to. What I would like to know is what went into picking SubT as the host of your final shows and the bands that you have picked each night?

WxN : We have played some incredible sets at SubT over the years, so we knew that it could handle the kind of wild, unbridled activity that’s gonna go down. The promoters, Kickstand Productions and Empire Productions, are easy to work with, and the sound guys there are always top notch.

When selecting bands, we decided we wanted to have a “fast night” and a “heavy night”. A lot of the selection process came down to making a big list of bands we wanted to play with one last time, and who was available/willing to come out to Chicago in January.

Can fans expect different sets each night including guest spots and tracks that are rare to hear or possibly haven’t even been played live?

WxN : All I can say is that each night’s set IS different. There’s some songs that we haven’t played in years, and a couple things that we’re stoked to play for the very first time live!

Having 10+ years of WxN playing shows and traveling care to share any stories or memories that stand out most for you guys?

WxN : There’s so many Precious Moments to recount that I can’t really pick one in particular. I don’t want to leave you empty handed, though.

Going through Immigration and Customs in other countries is anxiety inducing when you are in a punk band. Most of the time you actively try to avoid getting real work permits due to the costs involved. We even went so far as to make up an elaborate cover story for one trip to the UK expecting to get the third degree–only to have the border agent spend more time razzing John for wearing a Madonna tshirt than actually asking us about the nature of our visit. We were let into the country without issue. Yay!

I’ll let you in on something–despite the music we play we’re down-to-earth men who enjoy simple pleasures on tour: 8 hours of sleep, watching the film Stepbrothers, and a post-show Papa John’s pizza party. Any day where all three of those things occurred is a cherished memory which happened semi frequently over the last decade.

Final one is with so many bands splitting and either getting back together after a small span or openly saying they would see a return happening sometime what are the feelings in the band about ever coming back even for a show? Or is this is the end of WxN and people should just relive the memories and enjoy the music you have provided us over the years?

WxN : Once WxN is over it will stay that way. WxN as a band was the product of a specific time and place–there isn’t a future where I can picture myself being 40+ years old and playing “Snowball Fight”. Maybe if someone really, really close to the band had a terminal illness and asked us to play a benefit show would we consider doing it, but all four of us would have to be involved.

That’s all guys. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these and I myself am looking forward for your shows and will be there for the final one.

WxN : As always, we are grateful for anyone who gave a shit about us or connected with what we have done over the years. The approach for the last shows is the same as it’s been from the very beginning–to inspire weirdos to break things. See you in the pit!

You can check out Weekend Nachos two final sold out shows in Chicago this upcoming weekend and while both have been sold out since they went on sale you can surely find tickets for sale on the event page.

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