Dead Rising 4 Review


  • Dec.6th, 2016
  • Capcom / Microsoft Studios
  • Xbox One / PC


Dead Rising 4 while being a slight departure from features just might be the highlight of the series so far.

Taking place a year after the events of Dead Rising 3 you play as returning character Frank West investigating a zombie outbreak that happened in Willamette during Black Friday. Now don’t think you will just be in a mall the entire game either. DR4 takes a more open sandbox approach like DR3 did except bigger. Throughout the game you can freely travel the world around you and unlock new areas. You have the mall, outfitted with stores and activities, as well as the outside neighborhood world similar to what DR3 had. This open world offers a lot to explore and gives players a different feeling area to go to throughout the game as to not make it stale.

Another big change is that the game is no longer timed. Missions aren’t on a timer and you don’t have an over all timer to complete missions. Gone are the days of missing a mission and therefore failing the entire game. Now while I did really enjoy this aspect it doesn’t come without its flaws. With no timer you are now to free to take your time, explore every shop and building, collect blueprints, find safe houses, rescue survivors, and level up. By doing all that however the game is brutally easy. I found zero challenge at any time and only died once during my play through and that was because of a glitch sticking me to an exploding vehicle. You’ll quickly see that just from your general willingness to explore towards the beginning of the game that you become quickly overpowered. I also wasn’t too fond of the fact that after you beat the game there isn’t a free roam option instead having to do a new game +. Thankfully though everything you unlocked including collectables carries over onto the map in your new game.

Your camera comes back this time but with a few noticeable upgrades. It is now equipped with night vision and a lighting mode that is used to spot hidden keyholes and items in the world. While nothing groundbreaking it does help with collectables and the few puzzles they give you to progress the story line.

As expected the world is packed to the brim with almost everything and anything that can be used as a weapon. It is a staggering amount of things to try actually. Crafting weapons too has never been easier. No longer are the days of having to find a work bench needed as now a simple hold of the B button can help craft weapons on the go and a prompt will even appear to show what weapon you can create. Using everything too has never been easier as the three tiers of weapons (firearms, melee, and thrown) are all maps to different buttons.

Vehicles and Combo Vehicles make their return as well even if they aren’t truly needed. The vehicles I often found when used were just for extreme massacres of zombies. They also have the addition of Exo-Suits in DRR4. They are often a little prize for some random pop up missions or in key points of the story and are just short used killing machines that make Frank West nearly unstoppable. Usually equipped with a huge axe and a flamethrower or mini gun you can slaughter an entire area of zombies with ease in one.

Don’t come in expecting those iconic boss battles either known as psychopaths from previous games. Gone are those and have been replaced by maniacs. Psychopaths were always a memorable battle with an enemy that proved a grave challenge while maniacs are simply battles with enemies no stronger than normal. They also happen so infrequently that they become meaningless and serve no real point other than quick moments where zombies aren’t your enemy.

There is also an online mode that isn’t co-op as well. Haven’t not much experience with it I can’t say much about it.

Overall while Dead Rising 4 may have taken some things away what we are given is a great time killing endless amounts of zombies. The game play itself is at an all time high and even with the few problems with may have you’ll find yourself having a great time with all that Dead Rising 4 has to offer.

Score : 8/10

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