Incarnate (2016) Review

  • Dec. 2nd, 2016
  • Horror
  • 1 Hour 32 Minute Run Time


Blumhouse is one of the biggest horror film studios out there right now and while they do have a string of successes that they claim to, sadly they have just as many awful films and Incarnate is one of the worst ones to date.

The story attempts to blend your exorcism movies in with a twist. For this one when condemning the demon instead of doing it the traditional way most know of from other horror films, this one is done from inside the persons mind in a dream like state similar to Inception. They even go as far as to make sure that our main character Dr.Ember (played by Aaron Eckhart) says that he denounces religion and views this as getting rid of parasitical entitys.  Dr. Ember does have a mission of his own though and that is to find the entity that caused the car accident that killed his wife and child and left him confined to a wheelchair.

Upon getting a meeting from a Vatican member Dr. Ember is told that a child has been taken over and has 3 days to live and they need to buy Dr. Ember’s assistance. Ember takes it once he finds out that entity may in fact be the Maggie entity that destroyed his life. From here the film story continues its downfall. One problem, other than the potholes that you could fall into, is that nothing is truly explained. They would things as such to seem like there is a depth to the story yet most things are almost never explained.

The film itself is also extremely boring. Moments where Dr. Ember is inside the minds as well don’t do anything to ramp up the excitement. Characters are killed that have no barring of importance to the story. Even the characters that do stick around are so bland and lifeless that you’ll never feel invested in the welfare of anyone involved.

Overall Incarnate was a cheap excuse for a exorcist type film. Throw in a bad Inception angle and a story that doesn’t explain much and you’ll have Incarnate. You’ll find yourself not having much fun watching this sluggish horror film so instead of seeing this, why not just go watch The Exorcist instead.

Score : 2/10

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