Crimsonland Review

  • Oct. 14th, 2015
  • 10tons
  • Xbox One / PS3 / PS4 / iOS / PC / Android / Vita


Crimsonland is a top down shooter on nearly every modern platform that while being easily accessible is by no means the best twin stick shooter around.

In 2003 Crimsonland was released for the first time. The premise is simple, you are stranded in the middle of a map and enemies will swarm from every angle. Weapons and power ups drop at random and the only objective is to kill everything to move onto the next stage. Simple as that.

Originally as a mouse and keyboard game the transition to controllers worked quite well. Moving and aiming on the Xbox One controller was smooth and I didn’t encounter any problems with it.

Once the levels start to pick up you’ll quickly see that you are over flooded with enemies. As I have only experienced the single player modes you can quickly get caught up and die without a chance. The difficulty of the game does go up at a steady pace as well. Beating levels unlocks new perks, new weapons, and new game modes.

Sadly though you’ll quickly see that most weapons are ultimately useless and once a good weapon drops you’ll tend to stick with it. Also power ups that drop are often life savers that can quickly change the course of your level and more often than not save you from dying. A few of them are almost too over powered though.

The biggest downfall though is that yes the game is as repetitive as it sounds. Levels don’t last more than a few minutes and beating large quantities of enemies over and over with not much new to show for it just doesn’t last. Crimsonland doesn’t even have good visuals or sound to back it instead just being okay in those aspects.

Crimsonland seems to just be okay in every way. While the game is a little fun at first that aspect quickly leaves it. While Crimsonland may be easily accessible to most for those truly wanting a longer lasting twin stick shooter with more substance there are many others on the market to look at instead.

Score : 5/10

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