Officer Downe Review


  • Nov. 18th, 2016
  • Action
  • 1 Hour 32 Minute Run Time


Officer Downe is one mindless overly violent action movie by “Clown” of metal band Slipknot that proves while his film making skills won’t be winning him any Oscars, he could have a future making bloody midnight movies.

While not going for any major plot to follow we have Officer Downe, the perfect cop who is determined to take down the bad guy with no fear of spilling blood is violently murdered in the pursuit of justice. Thankfully though his district has the technology to continuously bring him back to life to continue fighting crime. Now Officer Downe can go after all those attempting to rule his city and not have to worry too much about dying. Like I had said before the story isn’t anything here to brag about. Major plot holes are left almost nonstop throughout the film and never explained and any resemblance of a story is here just so we know who and what Officer Downe is.

The main focus of the film is the constant visceral violence. Constant action scenes involving Officer Downe taking down thugs, gun totaling model nuns, ninjas and a ninja assassin leader who goes back and forth with subtitles and off synced talking. Really they just throw a wide variety of things at us to see in the range of characters. The blood flows often here as well with characters who are shot often times being ragdolled across the room with blood splats everywhere and Officer Downe being shot to bits during it all as well. Even with constant camera cuts the action scenes flow quite nicely and are often fun to view.

Kim Coates (of Sons Of Anarchy fame) does a good job as Officer Downe just based on appearance alone. All dialog in this movie is extremely bland and while Crahan can make a good action scene it seems he hasn’t found his niche with dialog though. As for the rest of the cast they are easily forgettable except for having to mention Corey Taylor (also of Slipknot fame) with his great cameo in the beginning of the film.

Overall Officer Downe isn’t a film to think too much about. If you want some stupid yet entertaining violence look no further. Officer Downe will take you on a bloody trip that will leave you laughing but not much more after it’s over.


Score : 4/10


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