Sparkle 2 Review

  • Jan 27th, 2016
  • 10tons (Developer and Publisher)
  • Xbox One / iOS / PS3 / PS4 / Vita


Sparkle 2 is a simple puzzle game similar to others like Zuma that have been on consoles before but then shows that it has more than the others and brings up a fun challenging puzzle game to players.

Shockingly enough Sparkle 2 does try to give players some sort of story during their adventure mode. In short you are on the hunt for 5 keys that were made in ancient times and have therefore been scattered across the map. Once you hit major points on the map you are shown a brief video that gives more insight into the story but honestly this is one game where adding the story was a nice touch but it’s a shot in the dark that many will care enough to pay attention to it.

From a game play perspective Sparkle 2 plays just as others like Zuma and Luxor. Your task is to patch sets of 3 colored orbs together and eventually clear out the entire trail of balls before any can reach the end mark. Now Sparkle 2 goes to change that similar formula a bit by adding two new elements. You can create chains where every 3 chains you make without missing or not getting a chain gives you a random power up that range from being able to change all orbs of one color to create large strands to being able to explode large sections. These power ups are often very helpful and give an incentive to playing smarter to make combos. The other new feature is being able to have active abilities. Going through the adventure mode you unlock new abilities that you can swap out and bundle up together.

Even though at first though you only have one mode to play through eventually you unlock two higher difficulties as well as survival, cataclysm, and challenge modes giving the players a lot to take on if wanted. Lastly for a game such as this they pace the difficulty out almost perfectly. The game is easy to pick up and learn and gradually increases in difficulty without quickly becoming unbeatable.

Overall Sparkle 2 just might be the top tier game for a puzzle game of this type. It’s fun and easy to pick up, not too hard to make it not fun, and gives players a lot of levels to beat. For even the most casual fan this is a must buy.


Score : 9/10


Review Code Provided Courtesy Of 10tons


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