Sky Force Anniversary Review

  • December 9th, 2016
  • Infinite Dreams (Developer & Publisher)
  • Xbox One / PS3 / PS4/ iOS / PC / Vita


Sky Force Anniversary brings back the days of games like 1943 being a bullet hell type game with your only mission to kill and survive to complete the stage.

As expected the game boasts no story or anything which is acceptable for this type of game.

Your plane starts off with low health and a low damage gun but by defeating enemies, collecting stars, and beating the objectives you are given stars. These stars are used to upgrade your main weapon during that specific stage and can also be used to permanently increase your health, weapon damage, and buy / upgrade new weapons and abilities like missiles or a magnet to pull the stars in closer during combat.

By adding this RPG like element with upgrading though they almost focused on it too much. It takes overly long to upgrade and quickly turns into replaying levels over and over to try to fully upgrade your ship. Since the game boasts a small amount of levels the amount of time you’ll spend with this game will be just in attempt to upgrade everything to be able to beat all the objectives such as rescuing the civilians, defeating 100% of the enemies and not getting hit.

Now don’t let this all sound so bad because the game is incredibly fun. It’s a rewarding feeling being able to completely demolish levels 100% untouched. The game controls great as well so dodging every little bullet can be done at ease without fear and the game twitching out and getting you hit.

Visually the game looks nice with a range of bright vibrant colors going on. Sadly though a lot of it starts to blend together as the environments are similar to one to another. Thankfully however you’ll be focusing on doing everything else to stare at the environment for too long.

At the end of the day Sky Force Anniversary is a great modern day simple bullet hell game. For all the repetition and grinding it’ll need to be finished you’ll still find yourself wanting to keep playing for just one more stage. It’s something that almost everyone should check out.


Score : 8/10


Digital Review Code Provided By Infinite Dreams


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