Neon Chrome Review

  • April 28th, 2016
  • 10tons LTD (Developer and Publisher)
  • Xbox One / PS4 / PC


In Neon Chrome you work for a company all about trust, sadly though you no longer can be trusted and thus are destined for termination, not a loss of job however but more so a loss of life. You won’t go down easy though as you climb floor to floor in the building leading up to getting to the top to take down the Overseer that controls it all. It won’t be you directly doing the killing though instead you will be hacking into others to do your bidding for you.

From the get go each session you are given the choice to picking different characters presented to you each with their own distinctive traits. They could be more of a solider type or more into hacking bringing a bot with them. Having to start with different weapons and skills does help keep the game feeling fresh each time. After choosing your guy you start on floor 1 and go floor to floor wiping out enemies, collecting loot, and killing bosses all with the hopes of making it to the top to take down your main boss. The levels are mixed between normal levels, special ones, and boss levels.

Now the normal levels will start to look the game after while with the same rooms and halls feeling the same with only a minor paint job but thankfully since the game is so randomly generated it won’t be identical as it was before. Be prepared for a fight as well since almost every level will feature handfuls of enemies. Now killing them isn’t always necessary but I found most times they’d hold keys needed to progress forward on that floor. Even though it controls like your standard twin stick shooter running straight in isn’t always the best choice as you have little health and only takes a few good hits to die. This is one game that will have you dying a lot. Now once dead you will lose whatever weapons upgrades you have unlocked that round as well as character upgrades but you will keep your loot currency you acquired. That currency can be used to buy weapons to start with next round or used to upgrade your overall health, damage, etc. Now as much as it does suck when you are on a roll with a good upgraded character the fact that you can buy those skills and weapons again is a plus and helps lessen being sour about dying. After upgrading for a bit as well you do start to feel more powerful too which is always a plus for games of this nature.

The sound and visuals for this game have to be noted as well for standing out so much. We are treated to a bright visual look often radiating in a neon glow to it. Musically we are given a futuristic sound as well that compliments the game as well.

Sadly it all isn’t great though. After a while of dying and going through the motions again the game does start to feel stale. You can only run through levels similar to each other so many times before it starts to grow old. The difficulty as well may be a deterrent for some as well since the game can sometimes be quite unrelenting in it’s pursuit to kill you.

Overall Neon Chrome is a fun twin stick shooter with light RPG elements. If you can make it past a difficult beginning you’ll find something to kill a few hours with though after that time you may find that the game doesn’t have anything too new to present you.


Score : 6/10


Digital Review Code Provided Courtesy Of 10tons LTD

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