Bridge Constructor Review

  • August 21st, 2015
  • Headup Games
  • Xbox One


Bridge Constructor is a puzzle game that even with an easy and simply premise at first glance can give one awfully hard challenge that oddly enough always ends up being rewarding or at the least entertaining at the finish line.

You goal in the game is simple enough, build a bridge with the resources given on a budget that can support 2 cars or 2 trucks across it. From there you can use your different materials in a attempt to build what sometimes ends up looking like the most half assed bridge to see if you can make one using the least possible amount of money. One thing that really shines for this game is the amount of freedom the player is given to create any sort of bridge that will hold up. Sometimes your bridge doesn’t even have to hold up if the vehicles can make it over before it fully collapses.

This game will push you with a deep challenge however and gives little tutorial on how to properly make one so be ready for a steep learning curve with a challenge. The user interface as well can take a little getting use to as the game is played on a grid based map that can be a little tough to navigate at times causing the user to have to erase a few moves on occasions to get it exactly where they need to be. I will say too that going forward in the later maps as well for every hard map I found I was presented with 2 easy maps that just seemed far out of place. It’s almost as if the maps were either far too easy or far too difficult.

That does bring up one negative is that sometimes for these bridges to work you have to run by either what the game would want or simple use an easy solution. I for one used the same bridge layout for close to 10 levels (all easy ones) and it could ruin the game because it would make it a sure fire way to achieve a success. For all the times the physics work too especially in the later more difficult levels I had the physics go haywire for me. For instance I had one bridge that would constantly fall 3/4ths of the trucks way over it, now making it run over and over the trucks would fall between the half and 3/4ths point of the bridge only for my 8th or so run of it for the trucks to make it over just fine without the bridge falling. That for one caused me to be confused on how the physics system was truly working.

Graphically the game is fine honestly, the bright colors do well for the game and even though it looks like a higher end mobile game for what the game play is it does suit it just fine. The audio or therefore lack of however is a disgrace. Other than a occasional soundbite there is no background music at all meaning your left in the dead silence.

Overall though you will have some fun with Bridge Constructor even with the difficulty. Seeing your insane bridge be able to work does bring a smile to a gamers face and if you can look past it’s flaws you’ll be able to sink a few hours into this game and have it be worth your time.


Score : 6/10


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