One Hundred Ways Review

  • Oct. 7th, 2016
  • Sunlight Games
  • Xbox One / PC


One Hundred Ways is a puzzle game with a simple task, get your marble from the starting ramp to the finish flag. The game boasts no story but instead gives players well over 100 puzzle levels. Originally as a PC game before being ported to mobile devices 100 Ways sadly shows though that porting mobile games to consoles especially such a game as this doesn’t equal a good time though.

The game almost too quickly gives away all it has to offer. Within the first ten levels that serve as more of a tutorial you are given use of all the objects you have to place on the grid based map to complete the puzzle. From there on each mission gives you only what you need mixing it all up occasionally but never introducing anything new to the table. What truly hurts though is that so many of the games puzzles can be figured out in seconds yet since the game play is sluggish and slow takes minutes to complete by having to place all the items and watch the ball move slowly in the course. No option is speed it up is given either so the longer maps you have to just sit and watch it.

By having so many maps that aren’t challenging with only a hard one thrown in sometimes the game quickly becomes boring and more of a chore to complete. I found too that some maps were extremely unclear meaning that you have to do things in a complete backwards or in a way that makes no sense normally like launching your ball over the ramp when you’d think a normal path would of been better to make. They never give you a clear directive either which leaves you to figure it all out each level too. The context message that each level starts with usually either makes no sense or has nothing to do with completing the level. For instance one level has a message about the magnet on the level, when completing the level I never even came onto the half of the level that has the magnet.

It’s unfortunate as well that the problems don’t stop at the game play aspect. The graphics have only slightly been improved over it’s mobile counterpart and has a bland unappealing look to it. Don’t expect good background music either as the same song is played across every level and the sound effects seemed to be a delay making me quickly turn the volume off for this.

The most frustration however comes from the controls. The game has a menu on the top of the screen that on a mobile device would be easy to use but using a controller makes it more difficult. The drop down menus don’t help either and moving and placing your piece on the map is more of a hassle then it should be. I constantly found myself hitting the wrong button or part of the menu or trying to move the camera around only to remember that you can’t spin the map at all.

It’s clear that this game was made more for a PC and especially a mobile crowd. The game play quickly dies out never even achieving anything decent or even fun and with some terrible and downright boring levels and game play I can’t see many that I would recommend this too. Topping it off with some much unneeded frustration just trying to navigate makes 100 Ways a game that I’d say should be avoided.


Score : 2/10


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