ReCore Game Review


  • September 13th, 2016
  • Armature Studios / Microsoft Studios
  • Xbox One / PC


ReCore brings back the feeling of a AAA budget game coming in with a $39.99 price tag instead of the usual $59.99 though is the lower price tag a sign of less then stellar things to come in the game?

The game starts off with the right intent slowing introducing you to each element it brings to the table be it platforming, the combat, or the open world you are often left to explore. Though out of the 3 only one truly makes anything special come from it.

ReCore makes itself stand out by it’s means of combat. You lock on to enemies automatically and can fire away at will but soon are shown that each type of enemy is a different color; though they can be attacked by any color for minor damage you can achieve max damage by shooting their same color at them. This quickly becomes a quick thinking puzzle as later in the game you have a magnitude of different enemies and different colors attacking at once.

The niches of the combat doesn’t end there though. You have AI controlled robot teammates you have at all times and certain ones deal extra damage to certain enemies as well. You also can build up a damage multiplier making you go about the way you kill enemies taking the weaker ones out first to give that damage boost to take down the bigger ones. During the larger battles being able to maneuver around and charge shots off and build combos starts to feel pretty cool and after a big battle you feel a momentary badass feeling for doing so. Once downed in health as well you can activate what is almost a mini game to launch what is almost a claw into the robots for a instant kill by pulling on a rope till it gets to you without it snapping. By doing so you are given extra loot though while doing this you can still be attacked.

Platforming is shockingly well done as well here. I very rarely had problems with landing or making jumps though there were times where long jumps were required and it was hard to perceive if I would make it only to have my character almost magnetically like grab the ledge at the last moment. During some of the robot controlled longer platforming sections as well I found that sometimes because of a locked camera during that instance I would miss the right timing to latch on to the next platform even after hitting the correct button. Thankfully the platforming otherwise is quite forgiving even when given some crazier sections to complete later in the game.

My biggest downfall is the open world and the structure it is in. First off it’s a rather large world and sometimes I felt like it was emptier then it should be. I felt as well that sometimes a general direction and where exactly to look in the world at times as well wasn’t as clear as it could be. This goes especially heavy later in the game where the repetitiveness kicks in heavy when your objectives are to just constantly collect orbs to progress forward and open doors. You either have to find them by exploring areas or going into platforming or combat only areas and test your skills for orbs and loot.

Collecting these orbs can almost kill your fun playing. This comes from the world being quite large and open and fast travels not being as good as they should be; partially because of lack of direction. Your quickest way to move around is a quick few second dash that you have to do. You are forced then to go long distances where you will just be swarmed with enemies constantly where you will either have to stop and grind for XP since levels ask for a certain character level or try to run past without dying. It should be said as well that enemies constantly respawn so if you leave and come back you’ll have them waiting for you again.

To gain certain orbs or open doors and areas you will need a specific bot as well. It’s never known before you get to that door though who you need and since you can have two equipped at one time (for no reason ever given) you are forced to teleport back to your base, equip who you need, then make your long trek on foot back to where you need. This makes the game drag for longer then needed and kills any sense of momentum they had going just making the game last longer then it should.

Overall though ReCore isn’t bad by any means. For a good amount of hours you’ll have a lot of fun and its clear they nailed some ideas they had perfectly. They just over aimed by making the world almost too large and some ideas as well could of fleshed out differently for a better result. Though if your looking for a fun simple action platformer your time with ReCore won’t be a really bad time.


Score : 7/10


Digital Review Code Provided By Assembly Inc And Microsoft Studios

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