Tales Of Poe Review


  • September 2016
  • Horror
  • 120 Minute Run Time


“Tales Of Poe” takes 3 tales from the mastermind himself Edgar Allan Poe and weaves them into a modern anthology film to show off. Does this work though or leave viewers wishing for the something closer to the original?

First off we have “The Tell Tale Heart” one of Poe’s most popular stories. They really did take all the stops for giving them a darker feeling and making sure that costumes and even sounds were done right for this. If you know the story at all you are able to follow along quite easily and even for those who don’t know this is the easiest of the 3 stories to be able to follow. This one does boast some good set designs though and does end on a rather gory note.

Next up is “The Cask of Amontillado”. This one has by far the best set designs and has some decent acting with it as well. The acting doesn’t always hold up though espcially in scenes where more emotion is required and the actors don’t portray it as it should be. Sadly though the story can be quite confusing and even with knowledge of the story can take some time to match up and click through for the viewer. The special effects towards the end do a good job but this one just seemed to go on for a little too long.

To close it up is “Dreams”. Starring a few big names it does boast some great visuals but the short itself is heavy and slow. It turns into a film that looks nice but leaves you ready to clock out from it, it doesn’t help either that the entire thing is very confusing.

Tales Of Poe could of done better with some better acting in parts and especially if the shorts were in a different order. The Tell Tale Heart should go out last being the best instead of setting the film up so well only for everything else to fall short.

Overall hardcore Poe fans might enjoy this but casual fans likely will have a harder time following the stories especially the last one.


Score : 3/10


Physical DVD Copy Provided By Studio For Review

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