Light’s Out (2016) Review

  • July 22nd, 2016
  • Horror
  • 1 Hour 21 Minute Run Time


Light’s Out manages to break out of the mold of being a less than stellar mainstream PG-13 horror film and gives us a interesting premise (even if it takes ideas from other films) and gives the viewers an enjoyable ride to embark on.

Light’s Out wears its story of mental illness on it’s sleeve never being one to hide it (unlike how The Babadook did years back). We follow a family with a mother who has a background of mental illness, the older daughter who moved out trying to get away from her mom, and the son who starts to see what he thinks is a monster lurking in the dark after him. Soon daughter “Rebecca” starts to see this creature lurking in the shadows as well and soon comes back to her family in an attempt to save her little brother and see what is happening with her mother.

While not breaking any new ground Light’s Out does change some things up. Making the mother the one with the “imaginary” friend is something different. I have to give a lot of credit too for the ending while remaining spoiler free is something I actually didn’t see coming and especially from a PG-13 film. They also make sure to give almost too much of a explanation fully explaining the mothers mental illness, how “Diana” came to be and to haunt her, and almost anything else one could imagine leaving very little left for the imagination.

The way they manage the creature in the darkness and shadows was done brilliantly as well. Many of the scenes are done with some great effects and lighting adding a extra layer of horror to the scenes where an available light source isn’t necessary. They almost took the elements of a monster hiding in only darkness from “Darkness Falls” and nearly perfected it. Especially towards the end when the monster is much more accessible it leads to some very creative escape scenes and actually gives “Diana” some interesting moments giving her more of a human thought process instead of a just a monster in the darkness.

Shockingly enough as well is the fact that all 4 leads in the film give great performances. Maria Bello the ill mother gives a performance of something that is ill but can’t let go but also can’t let her family be at risk. The real award goes to Teresa Palmer who somehow just nails her role. I thought she played everything out perfectly especially given what type of mainstream film and dialog she was given.

Overall Light’s Out gives us enough interesting takes on what is otherwise a familiar film that has been done before. Thankfully some solid acting and interesting scenes involving our monster and a twist ending make this one I recommend to all horror fans.


Score : 7/10



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