Rogue Stormers Review


  • July 17th, 2016
  • Xbox One / PC
  • Black Forest Games


Rogue Stormers is a side scrolling shoot em up of sorts mixed with RPG and Rouge-like elements giving it the feeling of something new and something old.

The campaign is played level to level with normal ones sometimes having a end boss with the bosses getting their own level. Each time a level is loading however it is completely randomized giving it a new feeling so replayability in that aspect works well for it. The game plays out on a grid system so it moves into a platformer with a side scrolling as you move across and down the map while traversing up and down the buildings.

The game boasts 5 playable characters each with their own abilities but from the start you are only given one with the rest being unlocked as you progress. Each character as well can be upgraded up to level 60 by defeating enemies and each level upgrade can grant new abilities giving you incentive to level your character up. By killing enemies as well and unlocking chests you are given coins as well that can be used to be special weapons and such only good for that game until you die. From a game play stand point the game is rather simple with you essentially shooting all bad guys that come within range and moving onto the next. Different enemies attack differently and at times the game can become quite chaotic with a screen full of enemies shooting and attacking from every angle.

It does come with it’s downsides though for the game play. From the start you feel incredibly under powered. The enemies have a good deal of health while your gun seems to do little power and you can die rather quickly. It takes a good while before you start to feel any sort of  power as well. You should also expect a rather deep difficulty curve when playing as well from the start. The game is rather brutal and unforgiving and even simple errors can get you killed. With the controls being quite odd and taking some time to get use to expect death to come rather often from simple mistakes from pressing the wrong button.

The graphics for the game are okay but nothing great to talk about too much. They give the game a very cartoonish look that doesn’t seem to benefit the game too much. Even the characters can look too cartoonish and the game might have done better with a darker look. Thankfully the game still performs well with a handful of enemies and action happened all on screen at once.

I do have to say this though and I may be the only one that it happened to but the game crashed multiple times for me. Several times when loading levels and other times when loading the opening screen for the game. A few times it crashed the xbox itself and had to reboot.

Overall though Rogue Stormers is fun for a bit. While the $20 price tag may be too much for it, for fans of this type of game you will get your pleasure from it. Being able to level up and cruise through levels has its reward and if you take time to level each character you will be putting a great deal of time into it. Otherwise this is one to pick up on sale for a around $10 or so.


Score :  5/10


Digital Review Copy Provided By Black Forest Games

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