Nerve (2016) Review


  • July 27th, 2016
  • Thriller / Adventure / Action
  • 1 Hour 36 Minute Run Time



Nerve follows Venus, a 17 year old girl about to graduate college and whose biggest thought is if she should leave home and go to her dream school or stay at home and live with her overly clingy mother who doesn’t seem to imagine a life without her daughter with her. Venus’s best friend however Sydney is the opposite of her and somewhat of a wild one and soon gets involved in a new online game going around named Nerve. The rules are simple for the game, once signed in where the game gains info about your entire life you are given tasks to complete that all must be filmed in a live video streaming service and once said task is complete they deposit money into your bank account. The more viewers you gain the crazier the goal and the more money you can get. Soon after Sydney starts Venus decides to do something out of her normal life and take the risk by joining Nerve. Upon her first challenge she meets Ian, another player and from they begin their journey together playing Nerve, not knowing what is to come.

I will say that Nerve quickly kick starts into more of a frenetic pacing once the actual “Nerve” game begins and doesn’t let go. The story is decent enough and gives the lessons of what people will do for public acknowledgement and fame online while hinting at peer pressure and the dangers of social media as well. It is unfortunate though that sometimes those are lost during the course of the movie though. Thankfully directors Henry Joost, and Ariel Schulman are able to make the movie visually appealing during many scenes often giving the film a more fluorescent glow to it making what would otherwise be a drab looking scene into a more life filled one. The ending though took a far left turn almost into more of a unrealistic turn for the film and killed some of what the film had built up though.

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco both give solid performances for the lead roles though this is a film that will likely be lost in their filmography. While neither do anything wrong they both play their roles pretty straightforward with the script not asking for too much out of either.

Nerve is a decent film with a good premise. While the overall premise is a good one and something that is easily realistic in today’s tech driven society once the plot itself digs a little deeper it starts to lose the viewer. It doesn’t help though that you never become too emotionally attached to anyone and never fear too much for the safety as you can play by play almost what will happen next. It’s a good view for a night but nothing to rush out and watch.


Score : 6/10


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