Skiptrace Review


  • Sept 2nd, 2016
  • Action / Comedy
  • 1 Hour 47 Minute Run Time


Skiptrace is Rush Hour meets Jackass with two stars attempting to stay at least mildly relevant in some aspect.

The story is about as cookie cutter as can be for a film of this genre. Chan plays a detective from Hong Kong who after teaming up with an American gambler caught in the wrong have to go together to take down a big shot crime lord. It runs the standard course that is expected and certainly won’t be keeping you into the film for story alone. Thankfully it is coherent enough to be able to move the story along never dragging it down to much.

Thankfully the story seems to almost just tie together the action set pieces we are presented. Now as expected the scenes involving Jackie Chan doing what he does best are the most enjoyable. While none will go down as masterpieces for him Chan does make most of his scenes steal the show. Knoxville however seems to play a lot of this almost like a series of Jackass stunts never truly making his action moments great.

Chemistry wise thankfully our two leads seem to mix together quite well. Chan makes up for his English language barrier in colorful gestures. Knoxville plays a wisecracking smart ass not too far from everything else has done so even if the dialog isn’t often too funny the two together are able to muster up some humorous moments together.

Overall Skiptrace while not being bad is highly forgettable. Decent action scenes can’t help the bland and lifeless story and dialog we are presented. This is one where if your a fan of either or want some stupid action to watch you can always check this out if bored but don’t go in expecting anything more then something to kill time.


Score : 4/10


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