Fender Bender Quick Review

  • Oct 4th, 2016
  • Horror
  • 1 Hour 31 Minute Run Time


Fender Bender is a solid 80’s slasher throwback in many aspects proving that sometimes a similar film isn’t a bad thing.

We follow a simple premise, a killer that finds his victims by causing minor fender benders. After exchanging info like normal he goes to their home at night to murder them and anyone there. His victim this time however is Hilary, a 17 year old girl who after newly getting her license does exactly as she is told and gives the killer all her info. What really helps this plot though is how simple it is with the fact that it could easily happen. It keeps the crazy aspect to a minimal in story terms giving it the creepy feel that it could happen to anyone.

Once the killer enters the picture for good though we are treated to a great 80’s style throwback slasher. We are given little info about the killer, no motive, no name, no backstory, just that he kills those he creates accidents with. The killer also wields a cool knife weapon of sorts as well. Though it isn’t all positive, given very little backstory for any characters makes it hard to feel empathy for anyone and given the time period for the film taking the course of a day we don’t have much time to develop any liking to the characters. I had a hard time feeling for any character especially our main one Hilary as she feel into the cliches of missing things that would change the outcome several times. I will give Fender Bender credit though for taking the unconventional way out for the ending instead of following horror guidelines like most films do with a more happy ending of sorts.

Overall Fender Bender is a entertaining film especially one made for TV. An interesting killer and premise keeps the film going and the pace never slows down enough for the viewer to grow bored of it.


Score : 6/10


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