Yoga Hosers Review

  • September 2nd, 2016
  • Comedy / Horror
  • 1 Hour 26 Minute Run Time


Yoga Hosers is the second film in Kevin Smith’s “True North” horror trilogy that started with “Tusk”. Hoser’s is also being labeled as his first real kid friendly film. Does it stand well with Smith’s other films though?

Hoser’s follows Colleen and Colleen, two teenage girls obsessed with yoga, boys, and their phones. Wanting to throw a party in their empty store after close for the boys they like they soon discover that they are under attack by a army of Nazi sausage monsters that enter in your butt and exit your mouth killing you in the process. With the help of a private detective they must battle for their lifes to stop their Nazi monsters.

Now the story really is far out there in the odd department. Instead of packing the punch of comedy, drama, and heartfelt moments / messages like Smith’s other films though Hosers instead is just constant attempts at comedic moments. Both girls are simple characters just wanting to live their lifes, be in their band, be popular online and have the boys they want. It’s sad in the sense that the girls played by Lily-Rose Depp (Johnny Depp’s daughter) and Harley Quinn Smith (Kevin Smith’s daughter) (both real life best friends) have the potential to be good actresses if given the right role. The main factor of the movie is almost just playing up time until the monsters can make their appearance.

It really is a bring together for Smith’s family and friends since we have the likes of Johnny Depp reprising his role as Guy Lapointe from the Tusk film. He does steal almost every scene he is in with his outlandish character. Almost the rest of the cast is either family or friends from his other films like Justin Long, Haley Joel Osmet, Jason Mewes, Jennifer Schwalbach, Vanessa Paradis, Adam Brody, and Harley Morenstein. Smith really does like to make sure the one’s he likes have movies to be in.

Really though what really hurts the movie is that even with a good cast and some funny moments the film feels more like a skit that just goes for too long. Yoga Hosers might have been better as a short film instead of dragged to a hour and a half film. Since the film goes super Canadian with everything it can we are left with a lot of jokes that just fall flat when they shouldn’t.

While this movie isn’t horrible per say it may be one of Smith’s worse to date. When the monsters do come (even if they are heavy on the CGI) there is some fun to be had and some jokes do manage to crack a laugh the film just feels to long for it offers. If your a fan of Smith or goofy films then you may get a kick out of this, otherwise this one might not be for you.


Score : 6/10


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