Rampage President Down Review


  • September 6th, 2016
  • Action
  • 1 Hour 39 Minute Run Time


Rampage President down is in the final film in Uwe Boll’s Rampage trilogy. Now the first two weren’t that bad especially for Boll’s track record, they were simple films with a messed up premise that ultimately just featured almost nonstop action. President Down however leaves the film has bad note however changing the films tone dramatically.

The film follows lead character Bill from the previous films with a plot this time to do major destruction and panic to the US by taking down the president and others close to him. After taking the president out Bill does back into hiding in the woods staying one step ahead of the FBI who are tracking him while at the same time making videos online for his followers and dealing with the woman that loves him and his new born child.

It’s not a good story in the slightest. Boll pushes his political thoughts very hard in this film with Bill going on rants almost in his videos to his followers. The entire president angle is barely talked about or shown as well so the title can be misleading as well as the image shown on the cover. A good majority of the film is either Bill in his fort in the woods of the FBI agents who are chasing him.

No one in this film comes off as likeable though. Bill is clearly a psychopath with no issue killing the innocent or anyone he deems fit. The FBI agents are incredibly unlikable and cliched. It makes for a case of not being able to get into the film based on everyone being unlikable characters. It doesn’t help as well that the film has a slow pace with nothing truly interesting to help it. Even the end action scene doesn’t help save it enough.

Overall Rampage President Down isn’t a good movie nor a good way to end the trilogy. Filled with a lackluster story and cliched unlikable characters instead of action was a mistake for this. It is very apparent to see why Boll had a hard time getting funding for this film. I can’t recommend it.


Score : 2/10



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