Masterminds (2016) Review


  • September 30th, 2016
  • Comedy
  • 1 Hour 35 Minute Run Time


Masterminds will go down as possibly the worst comedy of 2016 and will be on the worst of 2016 list which is sad because of it’s great cast.

We follow the true story of one of the largest heists in American history with $17 million dollars being stole. The heist itself was done by what could possibly be considered the dumbest group of criminals ever. Soon though after being set up our main character David Ghantt, who is now the face of the crime is on the run from the FBI. As expected nothing goes as planned and eventually a wild goose chase ensues with the FBI chasing David, David chasing his new love Kelly, while the brains behind the operation Steve tries to remain out of sight.

What truly kills Masterminds however is that for being a comedy, it isn’t really funny in the slightest. The films slapstick gags usually don’t feel funny and the majority of the dialog doesn’t have the humorous aspect going for it. I found that once in the film I truly laughed and that was watching Zach Galifianakis’s character defecate himself in a public pool. The only character who I found myself truly enjoying was Kate McKinnon’s character as David Ghantt’s soon to be wife. She has a dead stare with dry humor and it’s awkwardly funny. It just feels like so much of the dialog and and character’s can’t help the comedy flow smoothly.

This is all such a shame as Masterminds has a great list of comedy actors in it. Including many SNL alumni and 3/4ths of the new Ghostbusters film gives the film the big name push it needs which only makes me so much more disappointed at the film we go. I did find Zach Galifianakis’s character almost unbearable though. It may in part have had to do with his accent for the film but I just didn’t feel for his character at all which doesn’t help since he is the main focus. Really none of the the characters here connected the way they should. Kristen Wiig and Owen Wilson both are unlikable in the film even if Owen does have a shining moment or two. Jason Sudeikis however does he role well as the hitman where he makes his scenes work well.

Overall Masterminds falls flat on what could of been something good. With an all star cast behind it instead we are given almost nonstop jokes that fall flat making the hour and a half run time feel like more. This is just one that really can’t be recommended to even fans of these actors.


Score : 1/10


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