Frankenstein’s Army Review

  • July 26th, 2013
  • Horror
  • 1 Hour 24 Minute Run Time


Frankenstein’s Army takes one far out plot and for what it lacks in a great story can truly entertainment in fun though.

We follow a Russian brigade towards the end of WW2 who when filming their journey stumble across a hidden Nazi facility where they soon realize they are making monsters. We see Victor Frankenstein working hired by Hitler is making half machine half human hybrids to form an army from. The story from there proceeds them just attempting to try to escape with their lifes from a legion of hybrid monsters.

Even with a boring start however if you stick through it once the monsters become involved the pacing never dies down. We are treated to many different variations of monsters each different and more unique then the one before it. The found footage angle for this film actually helps it as I felt like this was almost like a video game mixed with a haunted house element as we given the perspective of running down corridors and such while being chased by monsters.

The real saving grace for this film though is the monsters. Instead of CGI ones we are treated to many practical effects and great designs. The monsters themselves look real as does the gore when presented. There is a great attention to detail that is presented and for a film with a smaller budget it is great that they focused on the designs for this film.

Overall Frankenstein’s Army isn’t a film you can speak much about. The story itself is there just enough to give us a reason to have monsters. The monsters themselves are the saving grace and take the viewers on a run for their life through a hidden Nazi lab. It’s great fun to be had and horror fans should definitely give this film a go.


Score : 6/10


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