The Shallows Review


  • June 24th, 2016
  • Thriller
  • 1 Hour 24 Minute Run Time


Mainstream shark films are something of the past nowadays. With the straight to DVD market being constantly flooded with shark films and some reaching mainstream success like the “Sharknado” series does “The Shallows” show that a mainstream shark film has what it takes or does it just fall into the deep?

The Shallows is a simple premise follows other films such as 127 Hours and Open Water. Nancy (played by Blake Lively) is on a vacation surf trip where she is practically alone in the water. After realizing there is a shark in the water and stranding herself on a rock a mere hundreds of feet from shore she sees herself as trapped with this predator always watching her. Even after watching others get eaten by it Nancy realizes that the predator may not be her only enemy as nature, an injury, and the likes are also going against her.

What The Shallows does right is that about 80 minutes of it’s run time it is a very good intense thriller. We are stuck in one spot with really only one character who successfully is able to grab us the viewers into her life and death situation. We see the fear in her eyes and pain especially in scenes where Lively is having to help fix her injuries up the best of her abilities. It’s a very good character driven story piece of survival against all odds. Blake Lively deserves the credit though for carrying this film. As the only one on scene mainly she shows she has the acting chops to carry a strong caliber film such as this and has the leading lady potential.

Now for having an intense film it sadly takes a complete nosedive for the big finale of the film. After having our character swim out to a even smaller location she soon has to face the shark head on. One problem is this shows more of the completely fake shark. The quick scenes we see it in the beginning of the film works wonders for it but given a prolonged sequence it is very apparent how it is completely CGI. The nail in the coffin however is how Nancy is able to conquer the situation though is just too far out there becoming unrealistic quickly. It really put a huge damper on what the film has built.

Overall though The Shallows is a very good shark film. Without a doubt that best shark film in years and shows when done right that sharks can be scary again. It’s just too sad that the ending so was bad but thankfully the rest of the film does so well for itself.


Score : 8/10

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