Overwatch Review

  • May 24th, 2016
  • Xbox One / Playstation 4 / PC
  • Blizzard Entertainment


In a market filled with online shooters where the game play is fast and focused on more of a twitch shooting Blizzard has decided to shy away and instead bring us Overwatch instead. Overwatch is a online FPS shooter but with more focus on teamwork and being tactical with your attacks or defending instead of just running out guns blazing.

Instead of building your own class or character Overwatch gives players 21 different ones to choose from all different in their attacks and abilities. This gives players the chance to not only find which ones they like more but also help build their team online evenly as Overwatch (given a good online team) is very dependent on each player bringing something to the table. Even though characters are defined by 4 major classes all feel balanced in their own way and can be countered by someone playing a different character. When in a game with a team that is evenly balanced and working together seeing each other use their abilities in conjunction is a thing of beauty and shows what Blizzard was trying to accomplish in the game.

What I noticed though is that once I got comfortable with a character (mine was more along the lines of your generic solider) I never really changed him. Especially with the solider class it is generic though versatile to really get through all other characters. Since the controls are so easy to pick up as well trying out other characters isn’t a challenge it’s just that I felt with one character I was able to easily go through a match never really facing a challenge.

Visually the game has a bright more cartoonish look that works great. The visuals are stunning and even in the heat of battle never go done and are always clear to see what is going on. Each character looks distinctive also having multiple outfits to go into battle with . Maps are filled with bright details and go from wide open areas to small enclosed rooms each feeling different than the map before it. The game makes a large effort to give each character at least a minor backstory and it’s even noticeable in the maps as you can see posters and the like for each character.

Overall Overwatch can be great fun. It’s an easy game to pick up and go with and comes with enough characters to satisfy you for a good amount of time. After a while however especially once becoming comfortable with a character the game play does start to wear thin. With a limited amount of online game modes and no single player those looking for that super long time game may be turned off but for some good fun for a few weeks Overwatch will keep you entertained.


Score : 7/10

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