13 Cameras Review


  • April 15th, 2016
  • Horror / Drama
  • 1 Hour 27 Minute Run Time


13 Cameras follows Claire and Ryan, a couple expecting a child who decide to move into a new home to start to their lives together. Only having to deal with their landlord, a creepy and quiet older man the couple starts their lives in their new home unknown that their landlord has been watching every move they’ve made since the beginning.

This film carries itself as a horror film but ends up being very heavy in drama and character development between Claire and Ryan. We watch Ryan go through a cheating scandal with his secretary as he finds himself unhappy with his newly married wife. From there we get the drama between the couple leading to the imploding moment when Claire finds out, it looks very much into the lives of both these people in their new house dealing with being unhappy while bearing a child together. Now this is partially interesting but sometimes starts to feel as if it takes precedent over the main part of the story involving the landlord. I also found that they made Ryan a much more developed character than Claire. Claire came across as more of just the sit at home pregnant wife without giving her character much more to build with.

Now the horror aspect of the film does work quite well because of the simple premise of the landlord just being a creep who grows fond of his female tenant. This goes so well mainly due to Neville Archambault’s role as the landlord “Gerald”. He reminded me of a muscular version of the man from The Human Centipede 2. Gerald is a grunting man who is short and stumpy with a oddly muscular build. Gerald is able to carry the horror aspect of the film as he lurks around the house never seen. By the end though I felt the slow pacing of the movie was hurt by a more rushed ending but overall after the climax it did manage to work itself out.

Overall 13 Cameras is a good film to occupy a hour. It doesn’t itself to be anything too much but sometimes focuses more on the drama aspect then the horror. Thankful though to a good leading role by Neville Archambault as our villain we are provided with a slightly above average horror drama. It’s worth a shot for fans of the horror or home invasion genre.


Score : 6/10

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