Blood Father Review


  • August 26th, 2016
  • Action
  • 1 Hour 26 Minute Run Time



Blood Father brings back the Mel Gibson many love and want in a good simple throwback chase action film.

We follow Link, a ex con turned tattoo artist with a missing daughter. One day however his daughter calls and later on appears back into his life only to then inform her father that she is being pursued by drug dealers who want her dead for killing one of their own. Now Link must do whatever to save his daughter even if it means resorting back to lifestyle choices he said he’d never do again.

The plot never goes extreme in any way and stays simple enough. Even with some smaller plot points that go a little far out the film goes more for the straight action chase formula. This isn’t a bad thing in the slightest though. The film does boast a solid amount of action in it making it a solid action film as it’s own but it also gives a large dosage of a film with heavy character drama. I felt as if many of the undertones of the film hit close to home for the escapades that Gibson has had in his own personal life as well. At times it can feel a big too much however in light of having the drama instead of more action however.

If Blood Father does one thing for it’s major standout though it is that Mel Gibson when given the right film still has it in him for a leading man action role. Gibson has the action look as well as the comic timing down to a notch in this film. He could very easily use this film as a stepping stone to land him a major action film in a more mainstream film. Now William H Macy as his best friend and AA sponsor and Erin Moriarty as his daughter both do fine roles. Neither of them contribute in a positive manner to the film but at the end of the day this is a Mel Gibson film and he shines beyond belief.

Overall Blood Father is a very solid action film with a heavy dose of drama thrown in. Never making itself more complicated than it needs to be and showing that Mel Gibson still has the potential to be a leading star I can recommend Blood Father to any action and drama fans.


Score : 7/10

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