Range 15 Review


  • June 15th, 2016
  • Horror / Comedy
  • 1 Hour 29 Minute Run Time



Every now and then you need a stupid film that doesn’t take itself serious in the slightest and Range 15 is that film.

We follow a group of soldiers who after a wild night of partying wake up in jail only to realize their wildest dream has come true and the zombie apocalypse has begun. Now their goal is to band together and fight their way to the rest of their squad and friends to survive and bring the cure they have to save the human race.

The story isn’t too deep and doesn’t need to be as everyone seems to constantly break the fourth wall even going as far to call out what would happen in a generic zombie flick. Their dialog as well with being overly vulgar and raunchy is often times hysterical. It is typical “guy humor” with loads of sexual and homophobic quips towards each other along but for the roles they are playing and situations they find themselves in make it work. They do try sometimes though to offend especially with a female role that has no arms, though quickly in this film you can tell they are taking no exceptions to what they joke about.

As far as the action goes the film is gory and does fairly decent in most action scenes. Occasionally something will look overly corny or fake but it’s almost to be expected in Range 15. They do give some over the top moments as well involving scenes with Randy Couture and Danny Trejo as well as a scene involving a gas station female zombie. Keith David as well appears in a humorous role as does Ron Jeremy in a quick cameo that I believe was just there because they had enough money from the kickstarter.

Overall Range 15 is a fun smaller low budget zombie comedy. What it lacks in story or great action scenes it makes up for in it’s stupid raunchy humor. It’s not a film I’d recommend to everyone but if you enjoy raunchy comedy and zombies it is well worth a watch on a bored night.


Score : 6/10

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