War Dogs (2016) Review

  • August 19th, 2016
  • Drama
  • 1 Hour 54 Minute Run Time


What could of been a great film mixing elements of Wolf Of Wall Street with elements from war films instead turns out to fall short in nearly every category.

War Dogs follows David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, two men who go from low level illegal firearms dealers to eventually landing a $300 million dollar contract from the US Government. After the deal though comes the inevitable downfall for the duo however. Being based off a true story it should for all rights be a interesting one and it is in fact one. What saddens me as a viewer however is that during the time of the film I just couldn’t help but feel like this is something I had seen many times before.

It doesn’t help either that previews lead it off as a comedy / drama with chunks of action when in fact almost all action in the film is seen in the trailer. I didn’t find the film as funny as I hoped either with a good amount of the jokes falling flat, I wasn’t the only one not laughing as the packed theater as well seemed to have misjudged the film. The pace of the film as well drastically seemed to fall out as well making half the film seem longer then it is. I swore after the film was over that it had to have been close to 2 and a half hours and was shocked to see that it barely clocks in at just under 2 hours.

Jonah Hill does carry the film though seemingly playing an extension of his character from Wolf Of Wall Street almost. Not his most memorable role he will be remembered by but it does the job here. Miles Teller as well carries on with his streak of playing more wacky roles, now he does a good job as well. Teller and Hill have great on screen chemistry but between the weak dialog making their roles turn to be more mediocre it just ends up holding both back from what could of been. Even Bradly Cooper gives what could of been a solid performance if his character wasn’t only in the film for mere minutes and wasn’t introduced until over half way through the film.

In the end War Dogs simply turns into a case of what could of been. A good story muddled by a weak script trying to do both comedy and drama that doesn’t ever hit it’s stride or roles that because of weak dialog become simply mediocre. War Dogs would be hard to recommend unless you truly are into those types of stories or want a Scorsese lite film. Casual film fans otherwise might find the pacing of it too slow to truly enjoy.


Score : 4/10

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