Ghost Team (2016) Review


  • July 21st, 2016
  • Comedy
  • 1 Hour 26 Minute Run Time



Google Play similar to Netflix and Hulu have gotten themselves into the original content market starting off with Ghost Team and if this is the sign of what is to come then we are all in trouble.

Ghost Team follows a man who is obsessed with the paranormal and so forth gathers a group of friends to emulate the ghost shows on tv in his own search for something from beyond. His team features the likes of his depressed best friend who was recently left at the alter, a troubled family member, a medium from basic cable and the crazed security guard from their job.

Now I will just go flat into what this story does so wrongly. We are treated to a extremely boring drag through of the gang of friends going through what they believe is a haunted building and such where we get constant shots of nothing or just enough to believe that the story may actually be heading into ghost territory. The big twist though reveals that there are no ghosts, the location isn’t haunted, and instead they were just searching around what turns out to be a giant meth lab. It completely takes away from anything the film even remotely tried to build to almost slapping the viewer in the face for going with it. The twist alone just killed the film for me which by the time it happened was already in a dangerously low area.

It would help too if the film were funny or had some good characters going with it. Jon Heder plays through this film such a flat performance leaving his role in it instantly forgettable. The same can be said for David Krumholtz as his character who believed his soon to be wife that left him was abducted by aliens. I can’t recall a single humorous moment occurring with either of those two leads. Thankfully Justin Long as the security guard and Paul Downs as the tech guy did have some good on screen moments together. Both played such wacky characters and the constant bickering between the two did have some laughable moments but even with them some of the jokes just still fell flat.

Holding the equivalent of a feature length Scooby Doo episode for a story and a huge lack of humor, memorable characters, or even decent acting Ghost Team doesn’t leave a good taste in ones mouth. If this is what Google Play has in their head for original content I for one might stick clear. Ghost Team can’t be recommended.


Score : 2/10


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