The Funhouse Massacre Review


  • November 13th, 2015
  • Horror
  • 1 Hour 30 Minute Run Time


The Funhouse Massacre might go down as my most unexpected smaller film of the year.

The film follows six psychopaths who get broken out of the local asylum and then take refuge inside the new haunted house in the town that is inspired by each of their acts. After taking control of the haunted house they open up for the opening night of it with only a plan to kill and cause chaos in it.

It’s a simply story but in the case of this film it works very well based on the fact that the pace of the film quickly picks up and doesn’t die down. Once the killings between we are treated to many gory kills from this group of killers. We have the cannibal, the mastermind, a taxidermist, the mad dentist, the giant clown, and the zany knife wielding female clown. Best of all is that they all provide their own personalities along with comedic moments intertwined in the violence.

For being a smaller budget film primarily set in one location the kills and the gore come plenty and look very good. Comedic moments are present as well as tropes not only by the situations that occurred but based on some of the normal characters as well but shockingly in this film I never felt bad about them being there.

Cast wise we do have a minor role by the legendary horror man himself Robert England along with Jere Burns (from the show Justified) and none other then Clint Howard who I felt both gave extremely memorable performances in this film.

Not much can be said about this film, now that’s not always a bad thing as shown here. The Funhouse Massacre gives us minimal story and replaces it with nonstop violent fun which is sometimes just what we need in a horror film. It has it’s comedy moments too that make it even better as well some great cast performances. Overall I really do recommend The Funhouse Massacre if you are in the mood for a fun horror film that won’t require much thinking but keep you very entertained.


Score : 7/10

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