Batman : The Killing Joke Film Review


  • July 25th, 2016
  • Animation / Action
  • 1 Hour 16 Minute Run Time


Batman The Killing Joke is one of the most highly regarded comics of all time so when announced that a animated film would carry it’s story not only with the adult content making it a R rating but also some rather big names doing voices fan quickly became excited. Does it hold up to the expectations however or fall short?

The story follows Batman on the hunt for a escaped Joker soon turns into a mad chase as the Joker goes after Detective Gordan and his family in a brutal way. Without spoiling anything for those unaware in this story line the Joker becomes quite violent in a attempt to go after Gotham and Batman. Now I have to mention already one of the things that hurts this film so dearly, before we get to any of the good story moments we get a overly extended subplot with Batgirl aka Barbara Gordan that doesn’t truly help flesh out the story so much as give us many cringe worthy moments. The fact that this subplot takes up a good chunk of the film and kicks it off as well leads this film to have a slow start to it.

Even with the R rating I never felt as if the film truly did enough with it. Set aside the darkness of the story and maybe a scene or two but the film more then likely could of been easily PG-13, I say this because pre-release I feel like the R rating for this film was always a topic of discussion. I also just had a hard time feeling like the drama ever truly reached what they had hoped for. Sure the events that occurred are disturbing but I never felt as if the drama or tension from those events truly ever hit a high point.

The animation in this is fair. It’s nothing to stand out but isn’t bad enough to take away from the film. Kevin Conroy does a decent job too as Batman but as expected Mark Hamil as the Joker stands out. He plays the role so well as he has done many times in the pass.

Overall The Killing Joke had the potential to be the huge film that other comic book animated films would try to emulate. Instead because of a lackluster subplot and just never truly hitting it’s stride we are reduced to a mediocre film that could of been. Worth a view if your a diehard but casual fans will be left disappointed I feel.


Score : 5/10

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