The Darkness Review


  • May 13th, 2016
  • Horror
  • 1 Hour 32 Minutes Run Time


Coming off Blumhouse’s current run of at least mediocre horror films (with a few huge standouts) comes The Darkness, a film with a Poltergeist like premise that works but ends up being way below standard.

We follow a family who while on vacation, the son falls into a hole in the grand canyon and finds what ends up being haunted rocks. After bringing them back home quickly things start to occur out of the normal in the families household. They quickly start to blame the son, who is autistic, while the rest of the family has a downfall themselves.

Now before I’d say more this is one of the points that the films start to quickly fall at. So much of this story is put out then quickly forgotten. The failing marriage, the daughter is anorexic, characters are shown then never spoke of after and us as the viewers are suppose to be okay with this. It feels as if maybe post shooting some of this may have been cut because the story just doesn’t feel complete. Pacing for this film doesn’t help either as the film moves along at a slow rate with just jump scares that don’t have any effect as they can be sensed far before they occur.

The autism angle in this film too comes across as more of a insult then anything. When the child starts doing more weird things the family says the child is scaring them but also just then plays it off as a part of the autism. After the climax of the film the child appears almost normal with little mention of his autism. Sure the autism plays a role in the haunting but I always felt like they portrayed it in a negative light.

With all this going wrong in the film I find it shocking that Kevin Bacon and company would agree to this film only furthering my beliefs that much of the film was cut out.

I can’t even claim much for the horror aspect of the story as the final climax boasts some horrible angel involving a portal which left me shaking my head. It is almost just like this film took a handful of thoughts and ideas, threw them at the wall, then left whatever stuck.

Overall The Darkness is a mess of a film. Doing nothing right while leaving chucks of other things left out it just ends up feeling like half the film it was meant to be.


Score : 2/10

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