Ghostbusters (2016) Game Review


  • July 12th, 2016
  • PS4 / Xbox One / PC
  • FireForge Games / Activision


Movie tie in games are nothing new, they usually aren’t anything too good except for the few random ones here or there but that has become something us as a gaming community has come to accept. Then comes along a game like Ghostbusters though that just feels like they are pouring salt into our open wound.

Ghostbusters is such a great idea for a game that a number of things could turn it into even a half solid game. However what FireForge Studios instead has given us is a $50 (that’s right, $50) arcade game. Featuring none of the actors from the film nor relating to the film much it seems we are given a top down shooter full of mediocre.

Your ghost busters team is consisting of two men and two women all of which push out one liners that fall short and no personality to care for. A story that no one in their right mind would even blink an eye towards. It’s clear the development team took the short safe route for this game and it shows.

Even the game play is just safe to the point of boring. It is your standard top down stick shooter. You walk through bland and lifeless environments very rarely given a chance to go off the beat path to explore anything. You go from room to room or area to area fighting enemies or waves of enemies to just get to your next battle. Very quickly does the game become stale actually losing it’s touch during the first training mission. You actually see all the game has to offer during the first training mission which only lasts around 10 minutes anyway. You kill a lot of random enemies like books, candles, and floating skulls (you know stuff the Ghostbusters actively kill), with the more powerful enemies requiring use of your beam which is just rotating your joy stick and mashing a button for score.

One big thing that kills me is that each level lasts around 45-50 minutes, no stopping and going either. After one level I found myself having to drag forward with the game having no desire to continue on. If you took the Ghostbusters name off this game it could easily pass for the hundred others like it which only further brings me pain knowing that they somehow pushed this off with a $50 price tag.

They do attempt to throw a few curve balls in to try to improve gameplay, neither of which work. There is a RPG style level up system and skill tree, though you can only upgrade the character you are playing as. I also found that even upgrading them made little difference. You also have a PKE meter you can use to find hidden objects and collectables. The problem is when the meter is in use your character moves at what seems like 20% of his already slow speed dragging the gameplay to almost a halt.

Overall Ghostbusters has really no redeemable factors to it. It is a overpriced arcade game cash in that is just there to garnish funds off the popularity the Ghostbusters name currently has. This should be avoided.


Score : 1/10

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