I Am Not A Serial Killer Review


  • August 26th, 2016
  • Thriller
  • 1 Hour 44 Minute Run Time


I think my surprise hit for Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Fest was the thriller “I Am Not A Serial Killer”. I went into the film knowing almost knowing but seeing a small clip of the preview and walked away nearly in awe from this film.

We follow sixteen year old John Wayne Cleaver, a diagnosed sociopath by his therapist. He works with his mother and aunt in a morgue with bodies overnight while spending his days in school writing and thinking about serial killers. John even goes as far as to keep a list of rules for himself to help him lead a normal life and not give into his temptations that would lead him down a darker path. Out of nowhere though a string of strange murders start to occur in his small town and John is soon on the hunt suspecting someone close to him while also questioning himself and how he feels along the way.

Christopher Lloyd as Bill Crowley and Max Records as John Cleaver in 'I Am Not a Serial Killer'
Christopher Lloyd as Bill Crowley and Max Records as John Cleaver in ‘I Am Not a Serial Killer’

The film has that dark and gritty feel to it and with the help of the cast makes the film feel dark in the way it should. Max Records as John almost single handedly carries the film. He completely pulls the dark sociopath look and feel off. He is also able to completely portray someone who is mentally struggling almost to not give into his constant temptations and not become someone that he is able prone to turn into. With so much the film focusing around John it is just a great feeling seeing him do so well in it. For a man with so many legendary roles too this may be one of Christopher Llyods best roles yet. He plays the old man in the town, someone everyone seems to know; while being the friendly neighbor. Once his true colors show though Llyod is able to give a much darker character role while still making you feel for his character because of certain situations that happen during the course of the film.

After the film actor Christopher Llyod had a Q&A with the crowd talking about the importance of films such as this as well as answering questions from the fans in attendance.

This is one of those films that the less that is said about it the better. While the ending may take a sudden turn not for the best almost it doesn’t completely hurt what the film has built up. Just don’t watch trailers or read about it (unless you’ve read the book it is based off of ). Go into this one with a open mind and I almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Score : 8/10


Film reviewed as part of Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Fest with passes provided by Wizard World and Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Fest.

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