Sausage Party Review


  • August 12th, 2016
  • Comedy
  • 1 Hours 29 Minute Run time


Sausage Party will go down as one of the raunchiest movies of the year, quite possibly ever especially in animation. Made by an all star comedy cast though does it pull though with the jokes or go fully limp?

We follow a group of food in a supermarket who believe that humans are immortals and that outside the store is what god has made for them and in it is a amazing afterlife. What happens though when one sausage truly finds out what happens and attempts to warn the rest of the food items what truly beholds them outside in the world?

Sausage Party first off is a simple enough premise but by the end packs a deeper punch. The strong undertone of thoughts on religion are very blatant throughout. The film tries very hard to make a plot though between the nonstop assault of jokes and gags to fill its 89 minute run time. They do a decent enough job at it but per usual with more adult comedies the hidden meaning seems to truly stand out as their personal message.

Now only the jokes of it. Sausage Party is a hard R rated comedy, it is extremely vulgar, raunchy, racist, with many sexual gags that almost never stop. They try to offend every race and culture and while a good amount of it is down right hysterical I found especially towards the middle the film was lacking. The complex jokes didn’t always go through and the attempts to thicken a plot would sometimes hold the jokes back. I also found a few of the smaller characters they added that had more racist personalities just not humerus. As if they were in there more for shock just in attempts to offend. I will say the final sequence of the movie delivers almost too many laughs in one of the most memorable scenes this year I’d imagine. Now don’t get me wrong this film is very funny and clever with many jokes, I just think it could of been a little funnier if they trimmed the middle a little better.

Nothing really needs to be said about the incredible cast of comedy actors and comedians including Seth Rogan, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Selma Hayek, Anders Holms, Michael Cera, and tons more. The amount of big names and cameos is just off the roof.

Without any doubt of more then likely making this a franchise Sausage Party was a solid comedy. Sometimes overly raunchy is good and they delivered that. With a lineup of great actors and comedians, some downright hysterical moments, and beautiful animation Sausage Party is well worth the watch as long as you don’t get easily offended.


Score : 7/10

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