Thankskilling 3 Review


  • Nov. 12th, 2012
  • 99 Minutes Length
  • Horror / Comedy


Ever so often does a film get released that by all stretches of the imagination isn’t good in the slightest. A film that shouldn’t be watched nor even so much spoken about. Sadly I feel like it is my duty to tell the horrible tales of Thanksgiving 3 so that others may not have to.

Now if you were looking for something similar to the first Thankskilling which was while not being anything groundbreaking was at least a stupid fun gory horror film then look again. Thankskilling 3 completely overlooks part 2 (which never really existed) as part of the story. We follow Turkie and his son who when finding out that all copies of Thankskilling 2 are being destroyed goes on the search for the last copy. This takes them through a series of different events all meeting a random stew of characters.

First thing that should be said is that there are only two real people in this film and everyone else is a horrible nightmare version of a puppet. Like very poorly almost lower then Crank Yankers level of puppets. Now they can’t even salvage it from this point because they devolve almost every puppet into just crude, obnoxious, and vulgar spewing creatures. Having the rapping grandmother in a wheelchair who spews nonstop sexual vulgarities and gestures is just too much. Now I’m not one to be prude or anything close to it but when it seems like they are just doing it in a attempt at humor or almost shock value while falling flat every single joke just tends to make it a unpleasant experience to have to watch. It doesn’t help the cause either when everything character seemingly almost adds nothing to the story instead taking it in different directions before just dropping it off and continuing onward.

If you even slightly enjoyed the first film then leave it at that, next to this one the first is a masterpiece. Thankskilling 3 accomplishes nothing right while doing everything wrong. It isn’t funny enough to be a comedy or violent enough to be horror, instead leaving the viewer with over a half and half of just one of the worst films possibly ever made.


Score :



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