Meet The Blacks Review


  • April 1st, 2016
  • Comedy
  • 94 Minute Runtime


In today’s film world making a good (not I didn’t say high earning) spoof film is almost never done. In the past they had hits such as Don’t Be A Menace and the Scary Movie franchise (at least the first few films) but with films like Meet The Blacks being released it becomes very clear that this genre needs to completely die for quite some time.

Following Carl Black and his family after moving out of Chicago into a nice part of Beverly Hills in a attempt to be safer just so happens to fall on the night of the annual purge, where all crime is legal for 12 hours, Carl soon finds out that old enemies as well as new ones are coming to settle everything little thing in his life.

Now basing a entire film off the premise of the first Purge movie (where they are stuck in the house, not the more open world ones) is a tough call, let alone making a good story and in the case of a spoof making sure it’s comical. Now Meet The Blacks does none of this right. Towards the end I felt they were just adding side stories and sub plots on top of sub plots as some sort of cruel joke to the viewer. For a story that from the start was already a entirely disengaging one that left me not caring about it in the slightest by the end I was just glad to not have to think about it anymore.

You’d hope at least the film would be humorous in some aspects. From nonstop pop culture references, name dropping just to name drop, horrible cameos, and the large amount of racist and profanity laced jokes I honestly can say I didn’t find myself laughing once. Coming from someone as well that is very lenient on comedy and can laugh at most was almost a award onto itself. As if they comedy aspects weren’t bad enough they even try to throw in small portions of what they assume a horror film would have that is just a insult to even the worst horror films.

The cast couldn’t even help as between the actors, characters, and their performances. All the characters are incredibly unlikable, rude, generally mean, and not relateable at all. You have a list of more well known names do cameos that more so just insult themselves and further add into the list of negitives this film has.

If Mel Brooks saw this movie he would want the spoof genre dead and gone and after seeing Meet The Blacks I agree. Not only will it be one of the worst films released in 2016 but should go down as one of the most painfully unfunny comedies of all time, worst of all is that they actually tried to make it funny too. Don’t even bother watching the trailer for this. Just avoid it.


Score :



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