Cell (2016) Review


  • June 10th, 2016
  • 98 Minutes
  • Horror


After finding one that Cell, one of my favorite Stephen King books, had been released nearly under the radar as a film I was eager to see it. Sadly however this doesn’t come close to what the book offered.

The film follows Clay, a artist, who after realizing that a weird cell phone signal has sent the world into a crazed apocalyptic state he is determined to travel back to New England to get his son. Along the way he meets other survivors along the rest in his quest for his son.

Now for a film starring John Cusack (who also co-produced it), Samuel L Jackson and Isabelle Furhman all the actors just look like they are phoning it in. Cusack and Jackson almost always have a bland emotionless look on there face making it clearly apparent that there wasn’t a strong love for this film by them. It doesn’t help either that the film has such a hard time grabbing you in. I never sensed any danger for the characters or truly even cared as there wasn’t much backstory given for anyone to make me care about them.

The worst thing is that even with knowledge of the book I was still confused because they often failed to give full explanations for things in the film leaving a casual viewer likely confused. I can imagine if I was confused as to what was going on then almost anyone else would be even more lost. By the end however knowing that they fully changed the ending was even worse, the end is a total letdown for the film and just feels almost like a cheap cop out.

From the beginning scene in the airport though they set your hopes so high, the beginning is tense and violent and starts with a rush only to slow down too much. Even with the occasional good moment from the infected in the film the constant horrible CGI really dumbs it down.

Overall with this letdown of a film just read the book instead.


Score :



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