Eddie The Eagle Review


  • Feburary 26th, 2016
  • 1 Hour 46 Minues
  • Comedy / Drama / Biography



Eddie The Eagle is that little sports film you never knew you’d love. A film so much character and heart you can’t help but love it.

We follow the unlikely Olympian Michael “Eddie” Edwards beginning as a child with his extreme desire to one day go to the Olympics even with almost everyone telling him he will never do it and isn’t good at sports. His mentality isn’t even to win however it is to simply take part in the journey. We follow his set backs and see others try to stop him while also seeing his rise and determination to follow his dream. This movie is about his struggle to get to where he wants to be more then his success.

One of the films biggest assets though are it’s two stars Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman. Taron brings a lot of heart to the table and makes you want to root for him to succeed. Jackman as his mentor and former ski jumper great turned resentful alcoholic is good as well. They just blend well together and have great on screen chemistry.

Even with beautiful cinematography coupled with some very gripping ski moments some would say the films only downside is that it can be cliche at times. While that is true at the same time however being based off a true story there are only so many ways they can have it play out while remaining true to the story and the cliched moments never seem to take away from anyway.

Overall Eddie The Eagle is the sports breakout film I don’t think many will see even though they should. It’ll grab you in and have you cheering for it in a good hearted way, something not many films do anymore. It’s well worth your time.


Score :



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