Zoolander 2 Review


  • February 12th, 2016
  • Comedy
  • 1 Hour 42 Minutes Run Time



Zoolander 2 shows several different things like how to completely cash in a sequel and how to put out a movie out long past it’s due date while not really showing anything positive.

We follow Derek and Hansel back at it in the modeling world after leaving it from the events of the first film because an opposing agency is attempting to take them and other models out. Now the film tries to make that the story while throwing several personal characters side stories into it at the same time. It just never feels right or clicks.

One of the main reasons Zoolander 1 was such a success is because it was just so randomly bad sometimes that it was funny. It was a goofy comedy at  a time where films like that were succeeding. Sadly for this film however almost all the jokes fall flat and aren’t even remotely funny. Expect a lot of dead air when you’d have thought you’d be laughing.

The biggest loss however is the fact that we finally get Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson back it in a major comedy role. Even with all the cameos and guest spots that director / writer / lead actor Ben Stiller pulled in can’t save it. Will Ferrael reprises his role from the first film but even then I felt let down almost expecting more of him in funny moments.

It’s just sad knowing that after a 15 year wait this is what we got. It feels rushed, full of cheap attempts at humor, but mainly just a cash in to try to ride off the long lasting success Zoolander has had. I really can’t recommend this to anyone, it just isn’t a good time at all and you’ll quickly find yourself trying to find something else to do instead.


Score :



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