Homefront The Revolution Review


  • May 17th, 2016
  • Xbox One / PS4 / PC
  • Deep Silver / Dambuster Studios


Homefront was a last gen game that came out to mixed reviews filled with generally decent ideas just executed wrongly. With years and delays giving this game the time they needed while hyping it up it’s just almost comical that Homefront turned out the way it has, maybe it should of been left on the drawing board.

Going from the linear first person shooter Revolution could be considered somewhat of a open world FPS. Putting larger areas together in strings of missions and side missions along with other objectives pins this game somewhere between linear and wide spread. Too bad that most of it gets taken down several pegs by the often generic and bland mission objectives that you are given.

What really hurts this game is just how broken it is. First off the load times are insane, going between areas or any place that requires a loading screen means you should expect at least a minute load screen. Going from the screen you can buy guns and equipment makes the game freeze for 10 seconds and lag for a few more before getting back into place. Enemies appear and disappear in front of you. Bodies would disappear before you could loot them as would boxes or stuff you’d break. At other times boxes or enemies would get stuck in doorways blocking you from leaving a room. I found myself having to kill the innocent NPC’s then just to move out of the door and continue the game which the game then gave me a negative message for having to kill a NPC. Once I had a side quest glitch out making it to where I couldn’t complete it while another time it glitched out completely cancelling the objective for me.  The amount of bugs and glitches in this game is just insane.

It doesn’t help either that the game play suffers majorly from this. Gun play often times just feels slow and sloppy. The running mechanics sometimes work as well but other times I found my character not being able to leap over normal objects or jump to ledges they should normally be able to. They also incorporate a loot system of sorts where you can open boxes and collect junk that you can sell to buy new weapons, attachments, and gear for your character. Problem is that looting itself in this game almost feels out of place and that everything you do collect seems to give little money compared to what it costs to get items.

You can drive vehicles around to get around quicker though after one drive you won’t want to again. The drive itself is incredibly buggy and almost too loose. Making turns or trying to hit a ramp often leads to you hitting a wall just missing where you needed. After that you will find that you run on foot everywhere. Another problem too is that since objectives aren’t always the easiest to find especially in another area and the tunnels connecting them aren’t easy to navigate so finding where you need to go can be overly complicated.

What doesn’t help either is that when alerted enemies seem to come in endless amounts. I watched them appear out of thin appear only to be killed, disappear, then spawn back out of thin air a few feet away. Stealth is just as bad, enemies either have deadshot aim or are blind even if you are standing in front of them. I ran head on into a group of enemies and stealth killed them while they watched each other and never had a alarm go off. The game just can’t seem to make up it’s mind. It’s not even visually or audio pleasing as it reeks of something that would of come out early of last console generation.

In short Homefront The Revolution does very short right. It feels rushed even if it was delayed several times. With so many other great games being released and so many other shooters at that doing what this game wants to only a lot better there really isn’t any basis that I can recommend this from.


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