Most Likely To Die Review


  • May 13th, 2016
  • Horror
  • 90 Minutes


Most Likely To Die continues the trend in doing small horror films following the ever so well known verse of “Get kids together, kill off one by one, end twist”. Now while Most Likely To Die isn’t great it could be a lot worse.

We follow a group of old friends getting back together for their high school reunion when one by one they notice they are getting killed off but a masked figure in a graduation cap and gown. They realize soon that it might relate back to a old high school story they all took place in. Now while being pretty straight forward and generic it at least manages to move along while sticking to the generic troupes it sometime seems to be aware of.

With a cast which includes Jake Busey, Perez Hilton and Heather Morris everyone is fairly competent and can act the part even though character development and the writing leaves some to be desired.

The killer and such kills themselves are decent with each relating to what each person had as their title in the yearbook which was a neat add on for them to include. What mainly kills this movie is that especially coming out now it will just fall into the blend of hundreds of other horror films that are just generic slashers. Even being sometimes self aware the film is just here with no major push behind it or anything which could harm it in the long run.

Overall though Most Likely Is Die is decent enough for I’d say a rental on a bored night, but past that I can’t recommend it to much. It’s straight to the point but in this case that almost ends up hurting it more then helping it.


Score :



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