DC Universe Online Review


  • April 29th, 2016
  • Xbox One
  • Daybreak Game Company


DC Universe Online is a game that has been out for several years on the likes of PC and Playstation systems only to now find itself to Xbox One, does this game make a long awaited debut or go down tragically in flames?

To kick this one off the game is a pay to play essentially. What comes across as a free game with in game marketplaces and a paid membership quickly starts to show what is wrong. Upon loading the game up you are met at a screen that gives you a number in the queue to enter the game. At first after the game released the time to enter was hours on end, unless you buy a premium account that is. After days of trying however I managed to make it into a game after a mere 20 minutes, which by any means is not acceptable at all.

You start off making a character followed by a brief single player mission showing you the ropes. First thing you’ll notice is that the graphics appear to be the same one that was showcased on the PS3 and PC many years ago. Very last gen and bland looking. The game play is simply a button masher short and sweet. Not a good one at that even.

Once out of the mission you are thrown into the open MMO world with other players where you are able to take a wide string of missions or explore the city. It’s just sad that with such a great premise none of this works. The game has a lag to it as well as a input lag meaning that the game moves at a delayed rate and after imputing a action your character is on a delay to do it. Makes combat scenarios a pain to do.
The world is also full of other players but at no time did I experience teamwork or even anything close to it. Simply you just exist in the same world and everyone is at the same spots doing the same quests, the most I noticed was the lack of enemies because everyone would be killing them for their own quests often leaving people to stand around waiting for them to respawn.

Overall DC Universe Online feels like a cheap attempt to garner more cash to a outdated game by putting it on a new system. With no work done, horrible gameplay, and horrendous wait times to simply join the game I can’t recommend this one to anyone.


Score :




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