Holidays (2016) Review


  • April 15th, 2016
  • Horror
  • 105 Minutes


It seems modern horror has a huge liking to anthology films, a feature film featuring multiple small stories usually connected in theme or a overlapping storyline. Holidays is the latest one to join that niche and even carrying some bigger names with it still manages to fall quite short of what it could of been.

The overall theme for Holidays is each film centers around a different holiday. We start with “Valentine’s Day” a decent little story of a younger bullied girl taking on her bully along with fulfilling her ill quest for love for her teacher she has. It’s a decent film and not a bad way to start the film.

By far the weirdest though is “St Patricks Day” with a creepy red headed child using her magic powers I assume to impregnate her teacher with a snake child. It was odd, somewhat disturbing, but ultimately is almost too short and too odd to leave a good lasting impression. “Easter” is up next and though one of the shorter films and a tough subject to do I’d assume isn’t all that bad. It has a good looking monster in it and is just okay for the length and story it tries to give.

“Mother’s Day” is one of the worst ones here featuring a girl who whenever she engages in sex gets pregnant and is then sent to a cult. It’s odd in a bad way and not at all anything interesting to watch.  The next one is the shining beacon of this analogy though and takes place in the form of “Father’s Day”. It features a woman with an abandoned father who leaves her a tape to go and locate her. It is dark, tense, and bleak short film that leaves you waiting for the big moment. Sadly that moment falls way short of anything it should of but the lead up to it is still so worthy of it.

The biggest disappointment though is Kevin Smith’s “Halloween” short. By far the easiest one to do and instead we get something barely relating. It features three webcam girls taking revenge on their rude pimp they have. Featuring Kevin Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith and Harley from the webseries “Epic Meal Time” it is just a short revenge flick. It isn’t horrible, the first half of it is ultimately very weak and the ending could of been more graphic, it just comes down to the director not fully utilizing the holiday he was given.

Seth Green directs and stars in the following one titled “Christmas”. It features him attempting to get a new Virtual Relality headset for him son for christmas when the guy in front of him gets it. Upon following him into the parking lot the man has a medical attack and dies in the parking lot allowing Seth to take the toy. Upon using it however it reads his mind and shows other what he truly did to get the gift. It is a decent story but by the end just flows into generic territory and almost feels out of place in this analogy.

Closing out the film however is “New Year’s Day”, a generic film with a twist. Odd enough it is still one of the better ones here. It follows a killer using online dating to find his next victim when the tables turn on him. A fun, violent, short little film.

Overall Holidays falls short in almost every story, even the best one has a big disappointment in it. I can’t recommend this one over the loads of other analogy horror films currently out there.


Score :



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