Blue Estate Review


  • PC / Xbox One / PS4
  • HeSaw (Developer)


Blue Estate is a rail shooter arcade game that had previously been released for PS4 and PC before coming to the Xbox One.

To try to set itself apart from other games of the type Blue Estate tries to make itself overly edgy with racial, sexual, or just almost nonstop over the top jokes. Many of them however miss completely and just feel forced for the shock value. I feel like they do this since the odds of anyone (including myself) of caring for the story.

As a rail shooter parts of this game come across as decent. The game does support Kinect though since I don’t own one I did it with a standard controller. Using that actually worked very well, aiming was easy enough and you do have enough time to aim up that perfect head shot. Visually as well the game has a good mixture of looking cartoonish but realistic enough to look good. However that doesn’t help that most levels start to look like the same mixtures of halls and rooms over and over. Doesn’t help that the levels as well start to quickly drag on and are too long with no checkpoints.

As if the long missions weren’t bad enough you will be facing up against a almost seemingly endless wave of enemies. Often times all coming from the same door or hallway almost to a laughable point. After gunning down so many including the mundane boss fights the game play just becomes too repetitive. If the missions were shorter where the game could be played in quick session it might fare better.

At the end of the day all Blue Estate truly has going for it are the controls and decent enough graphics. Long levels, too many enemies, repetitive game play mixed with the humor that tries to hard to be funny and shock you makes this rail shooter fall short like many that have come before it.


Score :



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