Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Review


  • Ubisoft
  • Xbox One / PC / PS4
  • Dec. 1st, 2015


Rainbow Six Siege is the next gen installation in the Rainbow Six franchise but does this new one give the game the modern push needed or fall really short for being a $60 game?

Story wise there is no story. Actually the game barely has a single player if you could call it that. They have 11 single player missions which tend to be more of a induction to different mission types and game play elements instead. You will gain XP by playing them but they are meaningless and often times don’t even tell you how to use specials that they introduce you to and can be often difficult since these are the same missions you’ll be playing online with a team by your side for.

The majority of the game focuses on online game modes. Going from ranked to casual modes you can do a few different modes including the famous terrorist hunt or others including objectives attacking or defending a bomb site, hostage rescue, or mixes of those. Not a whole lot of variety there. You do start off each round picking a character class, which can be a bad thing since you have to use in game (or bought with real money) currency to unlock extra classes and customize them and if someone before you manages to pick that special class then you are stuck choosing other ones or a preset one.

Now the XP system and in game currency system gives you points for almost doing anything in game from killing enemies to destroying walls and barriers. Leveling up and using your currency unlocks more classes and lets you customize your sets. It does feel like the more you unlock however the longer it takes to go to the next one, though you do have the chance to buy credit with money.

I will give the game credit though for the destruction and the fact that bullets can fly through walls killing you or enemies. The game itself looks good visually though at times can appear older then it is. Sound wise the game is at it’s best and is up there as one of the best sounding shooters out there on the market.

Overall Rainbow Six Siege is a game that might have done a lot better with a smaller price tag. The lack of any real single player hurts and the online while fuck, does get boring quite quickly especially if playing alone. It feels like for the $60 price tag they left a lot of additional features out that could of helped it thus leaving the game with die hard fans possibly questioning if they’ve seen the last of this series.


Score :



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