First Impression : Battleborn Beta


  • Gearbox / 2K Games
  • Xbox One / PS4 / PC


Battleborn is a game that has been breaking news and trying to stay a top in news for a while now among legions of other games. As a mainly online MOBA like game, we are finally given our first hand ons of it in the form of a open public beta.

Seeming nearly finished minus some server loading issues and minor fixes the first thoughts for Battleborn seem to be that it’s very pretty and bright to look at and competent to play, but is that enough to warrant a full purchase?

Shocking enough being a beta is that they include the single player option with two different missions (out of 8 total) to try out with a team or by yourself. Now after doing these with a team with a run time or between 30-50 minutes for each mission I can say that they felt just like a series of action pieces. I would find that I was going from area to area killing waves of enemies before moving forward. The mission would end with a boss fight but even by then I was just wondering how much longer the mission would continue. The missions were very reminiscent of those found in Destiny.

Now visually the game does look similar to the likes of Borderlands and can actually carry the humor of it as well as the dialog can be quite funny. Enemies have cool designs though I found there to be just swarms of the same enemies usually leading to killing the same guys over and over.

No matter what mode you are playing though at the beginning of the round you have to pick a character (25 characters at launch) and while you cant pick the same as others in your team some enemies do look like other then special abilities to be similar in gun style. The MOBA aspect seems to be that in each game your character starts at level 1 and can be raised to level 10 going through a skill tree. After the game your overall rank goes up to include more abilities in your skill tree.

One thing that is hard to judge being the beta is how the large selection of characters will play out since only a small selection is playable as of now.

Now the game does have a player vs player group of modes as well. Each include AI controlled characters as well which adds to it. Now I found that I was very commonly being wiped out by other players and felt constantly under powered, sometimes even against the AI even after I had leveled up. The modes available to play are pretty much escort missions which wound of being drawn into sections of the maps under constant barrages of computer and live players firing away at anything that moved.

From my time playing while Battleborn has its moments of being fun, I honestly have a very hard time seeing this being something to hold you over for it’s $60 price tag espically with legions of other games already out or coming out in the near future. Maybe with a smaller price tag or the hope of the online community not dying down right away would draw more people to this game. As or now however I don’t see myself coming back to the full version of this game until a big price drop more then likely, if ever.


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