Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice Review


  • March 25th, 2016
  • Action
  • 151 Minutes



So in the the recent years of the super book film era it has always been very clear that Marvel has ruled that niche. DC Comics never had a huge film that launched them while Marvel constantly pushed them out. Their last attempt in Man Of Steel were met to mixed reviews while I personally thought it wasn’t that good at all. With the huge build up to Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice and the huge hype they made coming forth with this film does it deliver or just like Man Of Steel does it leave fans with a bad taste in their mouth.

Now the first of this films many flaws is its story. For one thing they just attempt to put too much into this film to begin with. With Batman we have a large portion of his backstory thrown into this including the death of his parents. Superman has some backstory thrown in as well starting from when he arrived on earth. Then throw in Lex Luthor’s story, Lois and Clark Kents love angle, Lois Lane’s side story, and finally Batman Vs Superman’s angle. Now those are just the bigger ones. Often times they jump between them as well mixing them in the fray. Honestly I believe I only enjoyed one of them. The BvS storyline itself left me with a sense of awe at what they really just did to the moviegoers. 

Now the previews had you believe that the film would give you some good action going on between the two at least since their story line fizzles into a shitshow. I can happily say that if you’ll be disappointed. Almost the entire fight between them can be seen in the trailers. It’s a huge build up to a quick fight. Quickly after the fight as expected they become buddies to take down a shitty version of Doomsday (which I’ll bring up later). 

I will say however that Jesse Eisenburg as 

Lex Luthor has some people up in arms and I can understand why but he was one of my favorite parts of the film. In the comics he was always more of a silent genius while in the film they mixed that with the crazy zaniness of the joker. Now maybe if this film was different it wouldn’t work but since so much of this film was boring filled with horrible lifeless characters Jesse truly lit the screen up every time he was on there. 

Speaking of lifeless characters, BvS features some of the most bland main characters quite possibly in a superhero film. Henry Cavill as Superman mostly is a dead faced almost emotionless paper thin version of what he should be. Amy Adams as Lois Land just deserves better being a multi time Oscar nominated actress. Ben Affleck as the Batman is something I’m slightly mixed on. As Bruce Wayne he does okay, he looks quite old in this film and plays the quiet more brooding version rather then what Christian Bale did in the Dark Knight trilogy. That works in this film though since it’s a dark and serious film tone throughout. It does worry me though in future films when the tone will be a lot lighter about how he will be. I do not like him in the bat suit though. He doesn’t fit it well and the costumes they use in this film are horrible. The bat armor I’m just not fond of while his normal bat suit just makes me look fat. Not muscular like he got to be for this role but just like a fat guy in a suit. 

Now at a run time of just slightly over two and a half hours the film absolutely just drags out. Action scenes are very far and few between and a lot of the film is filler or build up for the next film. A lot of BvS seems like it was made to build the Justice League. Now that I brought that up I can say that Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) was the best part of the film. She did a fantastic job donning the costume. But between her and the brief shots of Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg along with all the mentions of teaming up you can tell they are banking on that film being their main one. 

The final big sequence of the film too just throws more fuel into this hate filled fire with a tame action scene showcasing the three heroes working together against a completely different crappy looking version of Doomsday. What happens though with Superman being “killed” though does nothing for the film since they show that he is being taken back in the sky along with the notion of Justice League films makes it just more wasted screen time

Overall there isn’t much BvS gets right. It’s nearly two and a half hours of crap with a few good things thrown in. Even with all the money it has made, it clearly can’t make itself a good superhero film. 

Score :


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