The Witch (2016) Review


  • Feb. 19th, 2016
  • Horror
  • 1 Hour 32 Minutes


The Witch is one of the most talked about and anticipated horror films in years. Upon release though thoughts about it seemed to be extremely sided. You were either in awe at what the movie did or you hated it. I seem to fall on the side many don’t agree with because I in the end hated it.

The story takes place in New England in the 1630’s when a family is banished from their village and set up their new home in a empty field. Without spoiling it what follows involves witchcraft, black magic, missing children, religion, and possession.

Now don’t go in expecting anything less then a extreme period piece. From the look, the dialog, accents, clothes, everything here is done for the time. Some might find the language and accents hard to understand and follow at times. I will give the film credit for doing so well with costumes and looks though of the film. The film also deals greatly with more moral problems and worries for the time it is set in involving religion and extreme beliefs including original sin as well as dealing with the banishment and isolation families would suffer once being kicked out of their home village. It also showcases the fear of the unknown including witchcraft and the simply state of mind many had believing with little evidence that one person was capable of doing witchcraft.

My problem with the film steams from what many other seem to love. I can appreciate slow building films with great payoffs but from this I found myself in the end being very disappointed. The majority of this film has almost nothing big happening trying to build an evil feeling of dread and once everything starts to come off I was left feeling as if my wait was for nothing. The events that transpire at the end just felt like something that shouldn’t of had such a long wait. Honestly for the most part too the sense of dread they attempt to make never really feels that bad. At no point was characters health or anything a concern for me and I couldn’t get to caring for them.

Overall The Witch attempts to make something scary and sadly it doesn’t deliver the mark. It ends up being a boring period piece horror film that has a long wait for a disappointing final act.


Score :



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