San Andreas Review


  • May 29th, 2015
  • Action / Thriller
  • 1 Hour 54 Minutes Length


In years past mainstream disaster films seemed to be a rising thrend only to then get flooded by horrible made for TV films that killed the momentum the genre was gaining. San Andreas starring the cash grabber that is The Rock attempts to bring it back, does it do it well or is the film a bigger disaster then the devastation it portrays.

We follow a helicopter rescue pilot Raymond Gaines (played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) who after a full city earthquake bands together with his soon to be ex wife to find their daughter in the ruined city. Meanwhile also shows Dr. Lawrence Hayes (Paul Giamatti), a teacher at a university who is on the verge of being able to predict the earthquakes before they happen. He soon has to try to warn the rest of the city that the first quake was only a preview of what was to come.

Now for a film of this caliber one can expect some big memorable moments of destruction. This film has the big set pieces however none of them were too exciting and certainly not something memorable. As the film is going on they are done well enough to be worthwhile watching and visually pleasing the majority of the time however towards the end they start to leave the realm into just over the top.

Acting is something that you wouldn’t expect to be good but shockingly the acting in this film is one of the best things. By no means is anyone here winning a oscar but it works here. Shockingly enough Alexandra Daddario who plays Blake, the daughter, does a commendable role as being of the main stars on screen mostly. Carla Gugino, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, and Art Parkinson all do a well enough role as the main supporting cast.

Overall San Andreas gives you two hours of near brainless thinking. Even if you can count the numerous dead set block aid scenarios that they somehow overcome the film is still enjoyable if your bored. While it isn’t something I’d rush to see or highly recommend, come a rainy day this is something to kill the time.


Score :



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