Get Off My Lawn Review


  • Nov. 11th, 2014
  • PC (Steam)
  • Digital Leisure Inc.


Get Off My Lawn is a free to play shooter game on Steam. You play as a old man shooting aliens who get on your lawn. Sounds fun right! It’s not.

The game has the look of Plants Vs Zombies, your character is behind the fence however and you scroll left to right shooting the enemies before they can get to you. The controls aren’t horrible but they are little odd I though. A and D move you left to right while space shoots and various other keys use your power ups. Graphically the game looks like it was made for phones and I believe it was previously a free online flash game. So don’t go in expecting anything nice to look at.

Now gameplay in here is one of the main things that kills it. The game is slow and foremost is just boring. At first the enemies come so slowly and you can kill them quick enough to have seconds between enemies. Then the further levels when the enemies are more powerful you just become out numbered. There isn’t a middle ground. There are also only three different types of enemies that only differ based on HP and armor.

The game does attempt to have a upgrade system that is by far one of the worst in quite some time. It seems to be made with the hopes that you’ll just buy in game currency since you collect it so slowly that the will to want to keep playing will be gone long before your get more then one upgrade. Add into effect that they amount you’ll need for each upgrade gets so spaced out that it would take forever to get them.

Overall it seems very clear why Get Off My Lawn is free and even with that price tag I’d like my time back.


Score :



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